Host Responsibility Policy

Here at Off the Track In The City we have a responsibility to provide an environment and atmosphere that is comfortable, welcoming, and safe, but where alcohol is served and consumed responsibly. Because of this we have implemented the following Host Responsibility Policy.

We provide and promote a substantial and good range of food AT ALL TIMES.

We provide and promote a range of Non Alcoholic, Low Alcoholic, Faux Alcoholic Beverages.

These include fruit juices, soda drinks, tea & coffee, and Low to Zero Alcohol beverages.

Water is available, and will always be available free of charge.


If we have any doubt about your age we will ask for a form of identification.

Acceptable forms of identification are:

  • Current NZ Drivers License
  • an 18+ Identification card
  • a Valid Passport

Anyone on premises who is visibly intoxicated will not be served alcohol, will be asked to leave the premises and encouraged to take advantage of the use of safe transport options.

We have a zero tolerance policy for Aggression, Violence, Discrimination or Hate Speech.

We believe everyone should arrive home safe, We promote having a designated soberdriver, and can call a Taxi service.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a training and management policy to give our team the skills and support to uphold host responsibility, and promote the services disclosed above.

Chris Whyte – Owner Operator